NGO Radio Kameleon Open Network for Human Rights and Democracy is an independent, non-governmental, not-for-profit organization, established in 2003 with a clear mission to inspire and contribute to positive changes in BH society through cultural, sport, and socio economic projects, promotions, and events:

2017 Ballet on Ice in partnership with Sarajevo Disk and with support of sponsors and local donors, for the first time in Tuzla we organized a visual and musical spectacle performed by the National Ballet from St. Petersburg.

2017 Art Space Suit in partnership with Projekt Postcard, Tuzla Children’s Hospital, and NASA, as part of the global action to raise cancers awareness through art and creativity; we organized craft artwork to be displayed on a spacesuit and at the International Space Station.

2017 Think Freedom Rovinj in partnership with Weekend Media Festival and Gallery Adris, we presented public art installation at the Old Tobacco Factory and Gallery Adris with a lecture and panel discussion on the subject of contemporary art’s role in society.

2017 Think Freedom Skopje in partnership with Directorate of Culture and Arts, US Embassy, and State University of Architecture, UKIM, we presented public art installation at Macedonia Street, opening the culture festival SkopskoLeto.

2017 Four Views in partnership with Pop Art Galeria we organized an exhibition with four artists from Slovenia, Austria, and USA.

2017 Think Freedom Ljubljana in partnership the City of Ljubljana, US Embassy, College of Architecture and College of Fine Arts, we presented multimedia installation at the Old City Hall, opened by Ljubljana mayor Jankovič and Sarajevo mayor Skaka.

2016From Sarajevo with Love, art installation organized in partnership with Dino Merlin for the NYE celebration in Sarajevo.

2016Open Fest, in partnership with Black Box Gallery we organized Think Freedom presentation in Sarajevo.

2016Think Freedom Banja Luka in partnership with Museum of Contemporary Art, US Embassy, and College of Architecture we presented multimedia installation at the Museum.

2016Think Freedom Novi Sad in partnership with Student Cultural Center, College of Design, and US Embassy we organized an exhibition and multimedia installation at Fabrika.

 2015/2020 Project Think Freedom in partnership with the City of Sarajevo, International Association of Peace Messenger Cities and artist Edina Seleskovic, NGO Radio Kameleon began in 2015 with an interactive, multimedia public art installation that is now connecting young people and cities all over the world.

2015/2010 Special Olympic Games in BH – We are partners and special contributors to all sports activities within the Special Olympic Games in BH.

2015 Sarajevo Grand Prix – Professional cycling UCI race and the Race for Peace starting in East Sarajevo and touring through the City of Sarajevo with a finish in the heart of this city is organized in partnership with the City of Sarajevo, Ministry of Culture and Sport Canton Sarajevo, and commercial sponsors. This year we have broken the Guinness World Record in the longest cycling line created around the city of Sarajevo with 1000 recreational riders.

2004/2005/2006/2008/2011/2013/2014 A Pencil Writes with Its Heart – 10000 packages with school supplies and heartfelt wishes for the needy school children in BH were donated by their piers from all over Bosnia and Herzegovina.

2014 Russian Imperial Ballet – Over 5000 people in Tuzla and 4500 people in Zenica came to see the first visit of the Russian Imperial Ballet in BH. This performance was organized in partnership with Radio Kameleon and Colosseum Agency.

2014 Sarajevo Grand Prix – International UCI cycling race and Tour for Peace organized in partnership with cities East Sarajevo and Sarajevo, French Cultural Institute in BH, BH Cycling Federation, and Tour de France and financed by the EU and sponsors. This event was one of the programs held within Sarajevo Heart of Europe project, commemorating 100 years since the beginning of the WWI.

2013 Because We Care – Due to an increased number of casualties in traffic accidents in BH, we organized this program of public safety, traffic safety education, and awareness in partnership with the Ministry of Commerce, Tourism, and Transportation in Tuzla Canton and the Canton Tuzla Ministry of Internal Affairs.

2013 One Billion Rising Tuzla – This global campaign of raising awareness against violence against women and domestic abuse, we organized in collaboration with several local NGOs, local elementary and high schools, and Ministry of Education of Tuzla Canton with over 1000 students present at Tuzla city square for the “global rising” event held at the same moment all over the World.

2012 Race in Heels – This fun event gathered several hundred women and thousands of spectators all for the good cause of raising funds for the purchase of medical equipment for the local hospital in order to insure that more women would be able to receive mammography examination more frequently.

2012 Artist in Residence Tuzla – In partnership with the US Embassy in Sarajevo, International Portrait Gallery IsmetMujezinovic in Tuzla, and an American artist Edina Seleskovic, for the first time in Bosnia and Herzegovina, a selected American artist, Alexander Viscio, lived and worked at the IsmetMujezinovic Atelier and produced a one-day sculpture and an interactive installation with 2000 high school students. This event was broadcast in New York on the Kitchen gallery façade. This artist was invited the following year by the Austrian Ministry of Culture to produce a similar installation in Sarajevo in 2014 for the WWI Centennial.

2012/2014 BH Business Awards – Based on the International Gazelle Awards we have recognized most successful small and medium size companies in FBH and RS according to their financial reports – those who have continuous growth, positive David Birch index, and socially responsible business practice in partnership with BH Chamber of Commerce, Agency for Small and Medium Size Enterprise, and USAiD.

2011 Mitolovac (Bribe Hunter) – This project focused on battling corruption in public institutions in B&H with an anticorruption web platform included comprehensive PR campaign in cooperation with several NGO’s and funded by CCI.

2011 My Life is My Song – Raising awareness about cervical cancer prevention is the first step in stopping this disease from taking any more lives. With a series of concerts and the biggest regional hit performed by four regional music stars, this project reached millions of women. It was sponsored by UNDP, BH Telecom, Unilever, and ECCA.

2011 Dress for A Princess – The official present for the newly wed royal couple from Bosnia and Herzegovina included a contemporary art installation made by an American artist Edina Seleskovic and BH craft woman SuadaKuoglija and a humanitarian action benefiting SOS Villages in partnership with UK Embassy in BH, Plantago, and

2010 Everybody Waltz Now – Breaking of the Guinness Book of World Records in the greatest Vienna waltz in the world with 1510 couples dancing became a spectacular positive news article that came from Bosnia and Herzegovina and travelled all around the globe.

2010 Vote and Start a Wave – Education of young people about the necessity of participating in democratic processes during the 2010 election was sponsored by CCI.

2009 They Learn from Us – PR campaign focused on education for children with special needs and the importance of investing in special education centers in B&H.

2008 For Just One Smile – Humanitarian campaign raising funds for building a playground within the Clinical Center in Tuzla.

2008 Lets Save LjiljanaKranjz – Comprehensive campaign raising funds to pay for the medical treatment of LjiljanaKranjz in 3 days collected enough money to pay for her liver transplant and saved this young mother’s life.

2007 Don’t Miss This Kiss – Breaking of the Guinness Book of World Records in the greatest kiss in the world gathered 50 000 people and 6980 couples that together became champions of love and peace. Sponsored by Mtel, Blend-a-Med, Oral B. and HP.

2005 Don’t Close Your Eyes – This project of raising funds in order to help the victims of tsunami in Indonesia involved 3 concerts with the Sarajevo Symphony Orchestra, BH Hip Hop, and Rock stars and collected 25000 KM for the Red Cross relief.

2003 Let Them See Us – Focusing on the first and second graders, this nation wide campaign provided education about traffic rules and traffic safety in partnership with the Federal Ministry of Education, Science, Culture, and Sport and RS Board of Education.

2003 Harvest – Initiating SFOR project that collected arms from homes in return for the house appliances was one of the most successful project of disarming BH.



2010 The Golden Charter ofPeacebythe International LeagueofHumanists.

2010 Award for thePromotion and PopularizationofSportsinBosnia and Herzegovina, awardedbythe Sport Association ofBosnia and Herzegovina

2010 Annual BELLS Award – “Honorable Eco Ambassadors”

2009 Best HumanitarianActionoftheYearAward, inrecognitionofthe Ljiljana Kranjccamapign

2008 RotaryAward

2003 DAVORIN Award for thebesthumanitarian music concertoftheyear